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Tony B Sandberg

​                     USPS West Michigan PCC 

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Cheryl D Bell
Tony B Sandberg WMPCC Industry Co-Chair 
Bil Rowe  WMPCC Postal Co-Chair 
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    Bil Rowe
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  April 28 - USPS 10 Year Review and Legislative Update....For this event register below... 

  July 30 - Golf Outing 
  August TBD - MDP Certification Virtual Training 

  Sep 22 - PCC Day

  Dec 3 - Holiday Gala 

                      USPS 10 YR Review & Legislative Update

                      Date - April 28th 2021
                      Time - 11am till 12 noon
                      Keynote Speaker - Leo Raymond

“From pricing to packages, a lot is happening at the USPS, and mailers need to know what’s going on if they’re to be prepared. In this presentation, we’ll review possible changes regarding postage rates, mail acceptance, USPS leadership, the postal legislative and regulatory environment, and other external issues impacting commercial mailers. Knowing what’s happening is important to being prepared, so this presentation is a chance to get critical information.”
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Janelle Kamp-Jasulaitis
Ben Hall